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Gwendolyn Southin is the author of the Margaret Spencer mystery series, which are set in various locales throughout British Columbia, Canada.


Gwendolyn became the writer she always dreamed of after a 30-year business career. Born in Essex County, England, Gwendolyn and her husband immigrated to Montreal, Quebec in 1952. After retiring in 1982, Gwendolyn retired to BC where she and her husband ran a resort and eventually settled in the coastal town of Sechelt.


Gwendolyn was a founding member of the SunCoast Writers’ Forge, the Festival of the Written Arts, and the Sunshine Coast Writers-in-Residence Program. She co-edited the Festival of the Written Art’s Great Canadian Cookbook with Betty Keller. Her short stories and articles have appeared in MaturityPioneer News and Sparks from the Forge.

Gwendolyn is a member of the Quintessential Writers group.

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