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A Margaret Spencer Mystery


A church on fire, a dead body, a mysterious cloaked figure seen running away, and the finger points to the obviously guilty person—the church organist. It’s September 1962, and Maggie Spencer is taking a few weeks holiday in British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley after a difficult year of sleuthing and family entanglements when she is called on to help exonerate the hapless organist. But when murder and kidnapping follow, Maggie is forced to call in Nat, her partner in Southby and Spencer Investigations. So begins a case that will take them up and down the valley and off into the hills, involving them with orchardists, migrant apple pickers, tent makers, church members, drug runners, and weird recluses.

What would you d0 if you wanted to write an old-fashioned British cozy, but you didn't want to re-create Miss Marple? If you were Gwendolyn Southin, you would invent Margaret Spencer! This is a great getaway Book.

The Globe and Mail


Margaret Spencer evolves into a feisty Murder-She-Wrote-type heroine, a la Angela Lansbury.


BC Bookworld


Margaret Spencer is a smart and feisty woman to whom people open up. Original.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

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